Define a galley kitchen

Written by lisa henshall | 13/05/2017
Define a galley kitchen
This galley kitchen ends in an opening to the dining room. (Image by, courtesy of Elliot)

The real estate listing says the home you're interested in has a "galley kitchen." That term might bring to mind life on an ocean-faring ship, but a galley kitchen is anything but "all wet."


A galley kitchen is a parallel, two-walled kitchen whose long and narrow walls are filled with cabinets and appliances. You can walk through the centre as if it is a long hallway.

Kitchen for 'U'

Although not strictly galley kitchens, narrow, U-shaped kitchens are also considered by many real estate and remodelling experts and publications to be a version of the galley style.

Smaller and cheaper

Galley kitchens are small, and by virtue of their size they can save you significant money during construction or remodelling.

Good for work

Generally, galley kitchens make good use of the traditional "kitchen work triangle" design.

Grab a stool

Galley kitchens do not generally have space for a kitchen table; any eating space is at the counters. Stools are the most common seat in a galley kitchen.

Great for apartments

Galley kitchens waste little space, a necessary trait for a kitchen in a small apartment.

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