Why am I so tired & achy all the time?

Written by jeffrey brian airman | 13/05/2017

Feeling tired and achy all the time makes everyday life a greater challenge. Many possible causes of pain and fatigue are manageable and often correctable with the guidance of medical professionals.


Hyperthyroidism and arthritis are known to cause both aches and debilitating fatigue. Medications are available for these and other conditions to treat the pain symptoms and allow for restorative rest.


Sinus infections are commonly misdiagnosed as more serious conditions due to their similar symptoms of fatigue and pains. Blockage and build-up in the sinus passages will cause eventual infection, leading to achy pains and tiredness.


The human body requires motion and activity to stay functional and avoid pain. A lifestyle of limited movement or exercise can cause achy joints and a tired feeling.


Nutrition-rich foods are fuel the body uses to repair itself and function. An unbalanced diet that lacks necessary vitamins and minerals can cause conditions that lead to pain and fatigue.


Stressful life situations that are internalised can lead to tiring and painful episodes. Finding ways to reduce and eliminate stress often has a direct correlation to one's ability to sleep and control pain.

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