Weed Killer for Dogs

Updated November 21, 2016

When you have weeds in your yard, you may want to kill them. If you also want to avoid exposing your dog to dangerous chemicals, there are alternative products available that you can try.


You may pour boiling water or undiluted vinegar on weeds at their base to kill them. Neither will leave a lingering danger in your yard for your dog. You may also purchase weed killers that contain a base of either vinegar or orange oil to avoid using unsafe chemicals in your yard.


If you have a large area of weeds in your yard that you need to remove, try covering them with a sheet of pond liner. Without sunlight or moisture, the weeds will die in two weeks during the winter, or in a matter of days during the summer, according to "The Organic Lawn Care Manual."


If you own cats that are allowed in the yard, do not use orange oil-based weed killers. Cats are sensitive to concentrated citrus products and may become ill when exposed to them, even though they are safe for dogs, according to "The Nature of Animal Healing."

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