Job description of a pharmacy assistant

Updated April 17, 2017

Pharmacy assistants work entry level positions in retail or hospital pharmacies. They are often supervised by a pharmacy technician or pharmacist. Many pharmacy assistants go on to obtain the additional training and education required to become pharmacy technicians.

Working Conditions

Pharmacy assistants typically work in a clean, highly sanitary and brightly lit area. They often stand on their feet for many hours at a time.

Medicare and Medical Insurance

Pharmacy assistants must have an intimate knowledge of issues and billing related to Medicare and medical insurance. This is especially true for those who are employed in retail pharmacy environments.

General Duties

Hospital pharmacy assistants may fill prescriptions, compound creams, liquids and others medications. In retail pharmacies, pharmacy technicians typically count pills and compound creams. These duties are performed under the supervision of a pharmacist or technician.

Administrative Duties

Pharmacy assistants are often responsible for managing and rotating the inventory within the pharmacy. They often receive incoming shipments, handle any accompanying paperwork, and restock medications as needed.


Pharmacy assistants must be accurate and detailed oriented persons.They are often responsible for tasks where accuracy is highly important such as operating cash registers and updating patient records and profiles.

Listening and Communication

Pharmacy assistants must have exceptional listening and communication skills. They must be able to follow directions well and communicate effectively with both patients and other medical professionals.

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