What qualifications do you need to become a nurse?

Updated April 17, 2017

A career in nursing is both laborious and rewarding. The qualifications to become a nurse depend on the type of nursing career you're aiming for, such as whether you want a career as an LVN, an RN, a nurse practitioner or a nursing assistant.

Personal Qualifications

A career in the nursing field requires patience, diligence, compassion and a true desire to be of use to others. Being a nurse also means facilitating professional relationships with other nurses as well as MDs.

Preparing For Your Career

Preparing for a career in the nursing field can start when you're still in high school by trying to sign up for all the science classes that you can. It's also a good time to study for the nursing school entrance exam (NLN Pre-Admission Exam).

Types of Nurses

Common nursing positions are licensed vocational nurses (LVN) who typically work in nursing homes, registered nurses (RN) who work in hospitals and schools and nurse practitioners who work closely with MDs to treat and diagnose illness.

Educational Requirements

An LVN requires about a year of training, an NP has acquired a master's degree and an RN has a bachelor of science degree in nursing.

Nursing Specialities

Careers in nursing are diverse and can include specialities such as geriatrics (working with the elderly), oncology (helping those with cancer), paediatrics (helping infants) and trauma nurses (working in emergency settings).

Working Situations

A career as a nurse can offer you the option of working in many clinics and hospitals, in permanent or per diem positions, inpatient and outpatient situations, as well as positions in nursing administration.

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