Divorce rights for women

Written by mike broemmel | 13/05/2017
Divorce rights for women

Divorce rights for women protect a wife in regard to everything from child custody to maintenance issues. A major change in family law is the development of guidelines in these areas to protect against arbitrary decision making, which can negatively impact divorce rights for women.

Child Support

A woman granted primary custody of a child is entitled to appropriate support payments. Most jurisdictions have developed standardised guidelines to ensure proper levels of support.


Guidelines have also been developed to better protect a woman's rights to maintenance (formerly known as alimony). In certain circumstances, a woman has a legal right to maintenance for a set period of time.

Assets and Debts

Women's rights include being able to obtain an equitable share of assets and debts.

Child Custody

Although the long-standing preference for a mother in regard to custody has been abandoned, a woman has an absolute right to seek custody of a child.

Parenting Time

Another of the divorce rights for women include parenting time if the husband has primary custody. A non-custodial parent has the right to be more than a visitor in her child's life.


Protection divorce rights for women often is best undertaken with the assistance of qualified legal counsel.

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