How Many Calories Are Burned on a Stepper?

Updated March 16, 2017

There are many advantages to using a stair stepper as a way to burn calories. While not quite as effective as walking or running physical steps, the stepper offers a lot that physical stairs can't.


There are two kinds of steppers--the stepper and the mini-stepper. The stepper, or stair stepper, is a piece of mechanical equipment that simulates stairs. A mini-stepper is a smaller, portable piece that is placed on the floor and offers resistance when stepped on.


Calories are units of energy contained in food. If the amount of calories consumed is higher than the amount of calories burnt, the excess is stored in fat cells.

Burning Calories

Physical exertion involves using energy from calories. The amount of calories burnt during any given activity changes based on the weight and metabolism of the individual.

Calories Burned Using a Stepper

Calories burnt using a stair stepper will vary based on the difficulty setting and the individual. If the difficulty setting is light, a person weighing 68kg. will burn about 104 calories every 15 minutes and about 156 calories if the difficulty setting is increased.


Consult a doctor before beginning any exercise program. Maintain the machine to avoid malfunctions and use according to directions. Always place a stepper on a level, nonskid surface to prevent injury.

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