Candle Making Equipment & Machinery

Written by crissi enger | 13/05/2017

Commercial candle-making equipment and machinery has become available for both large and small businesses. There are certain pieces of equipment that every candle maker will need to produce beautiful and professional candles every time.

Wax Melters

A wax melter is a very large basin for melting large quantities of wax, quickly and efficiently. It is perfect for creating large batches of identical candles in a timely manner.


An agitator mixes the wax to ensure even distribution of colouring and scents. It is much faster and easier than mixing by hand, and your wax will have fewer discrepancies per batch.

Wax Dispenser

Using a dispenser system will save you time in pouring your candles. Instead of pouring each by hand, you have a hose and nozzle attached to the melted wax tank and you simply press the handle to fill each mould or jar.

Dipping Tank

This is a large tank that keeps the melted wax at the perfect temperature to continue dipping candles as they dry before the next dip. Also, you have the ability to create larger candles and have faster production.

Storage Tank

Wax can be used over and over again, and there is no reason to throw any out. Having a storage tank available to transfer wax to when it is not in use or while cleaning a wax melter will keep your wax in optimum condition.

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