How can email be used in business?

E-mail began its rise in popularity in 1979 when CompuServe launched an electronic mail service, according to a Basex article. Thirty years later, businesspeople around the world are harnessing the power of e-mail to create and nurture relationships with existing and potential clients and to quickly share vital information with staff.


E-mail has become an integral part of daily communications. Correspondence to friends or business contacts that formerly took weeks to arrive at its intended destination is now available for view within seconds. This makes e-mail a useful tool for business promotion and marketing.


Marketing by e-mail saves money on paper, printing costs and postage. Create an opt-in/opt-out mailing list on your company website. Set it up so that current and potential customers can voluntarily supply and remove their e-mail address in accordance with Federal Trade Commission laws. The process of updating a mailing list is thus fully automated, saving time and labour.

Client Contact

A "Contact Us" form on your website transmits data from the web to your inbox and provides a vehicle for your business to easily receive and respond to questions, suggestions and complaints.

Internal Communications

Reduce meeting time and travel expense by electronically sharing new product, programming and marketing ideas, as well as problems and proposed solutions among workgroups.


Tonal inflections and facial expressions that convey sarcasm or humour are missing in e-mail. Electronic communications can be hacked or delivered to the wrong person and seen by just about anyone. E-mail also creates a permanent record of your writings, which can be easily forwarded to thousands within minutes. Always avoid sending personal, confidential or potentially damaging information by e-mail.

Fun Fact

The Radicati Group, Inc., a technology research firm in California, estimates that 247 billion e-mail messages are sent worldwide each day in 2009.

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