How Much Does the Baby Weigh at 32 to 33 Weeks Pregnant?

Written by lori weaver | 13/05/2017
How Much Does the Baby Weigh at 32 to 33 Weeks Pregnant?
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Babies grow at different rates throughout pregnancy. Parents shouldn't be overly concerned about deviations from averages unless a physician expresses concern. At 32 to 33 weeks, the baby still will increase its weight by a third or can as much as double its weight.

Weight at 32 Weeks

At 32 weeks gestation, a baby weighs about 1.7kg., on average. At this time, he is about 16 1/2 inches long from crown to heel, according to

Development at 32 Weeks

A baby settles into its head-down position at 32 weeks, readying for birth. The position is also more comfortable for the growing foetus. Her digestive system is now developed fully.

Weight at 33 Weeks

A baby weighs an average of 192kg. at 33 weeks into the pregnancy. He will measure about 17 inches from heel to crown. Amniotic fluid has reached its maximum volume.

Development at 33 Weeks

A baby's immune system has developed enough now to help ward off minor infections. Eyes close during sleep and open during wake periods. Thinner uterine walls now mean light more easily penetrates the womb, according to

Babies Born at 32 to 33 Weeks

The March of Dimes says babies born at this stage have a 98 per cent survival rate. They may look thinner than full-term babies and may need supplemental oxygen or tube feeding.

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