How Much Does a Babysitter Get Paid an Hour?

Written by lisa milbrand | 13/05/2017

Babysitters get paid anywhere from £3 an hour to over £13. It all depends on a number of factors---the sitter's age and experience level, the number of children she'll be watching, the area of the country in which she lives and any other extenuating or special circumstances that might arise.

Age and Experience of Babysitter

A young babysitter---14 or 15 years old---will merit something on the lower end of the pay scale, while a babysitter who is in his 20s and has years of experience and/or an early education degree would be on the higher end of the range. If a sitter has special training, such as CPR and/or first aid, he may earn more.

Age and Number of Children

If the sitter watches multiple children, she should earn an extra 60p to £1.30 per hour for each additional child. If the children are infants or toddlers, the sitter may merit another 60p per hour, since the children will need more supervision and help. If a child has a special need, a sitter with experience managing that need will earn more.

Cost of Living

If a babysitter lives in a large urban area with a high cost of living, he can expect to earn a few dollars more per hour than babysitters in more-rural areas.

Special Requests

If a babysitter stays with the children overnight, transports them to other locations, watches them on a major holiday or fulfils any other special requests, he may charge another 60p or £1.30 per hour.


To ensure a fair rate, ask around to see what other babysitters earn.

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