Meclizine HCL side effects

Written by shelley moore | 13/05/2017

Meclizine hydrochloride is an antihistamine available in prescription and over-the-counter forms. Brands include Antivert and Dramamine, and people can buy it generically as well. It is used to treat and prevent dizziness and nausea associated with motion sickness. Numerous side effects are possible.

More Common Side Effects

Meclizine HCl, like other antihistamines, can cause blurred vision, drowsiness, dry mouth, fatigue, headaches, nervousness, sore throat and thickening of bronchial mucus.

Gastrointestinal Side Effects

Possible gastrointestinal side effects include abdominal pain, diarrhoea, increased appetite, weight gain, and worsening of gastro-oseophageal reflux disease and stomach ulcers.

Rare Side Effects

Serious side effects are rare, and more common in young children and elderly people. They include heart palpitations, irregular heartbeat, rapid heartbeat, confusion, difficulty urinating, seizures and worsening of glaucoma.

Allergic Reaction

Rarely, some people can have an allergic reaction to meclizine HCl. Signs are rash or hives, itching, swelling of the throat or mouth, wheezing and difficulty breathing.

Drug Interactions

Meclizine HCl may interact with alcohol, certain high blood pressure medications, anticholinergic drugs, antipsychotic medications, anti-anxiety medications, antidepressants, muscle relaxants, narcotic pain relievers and sleep medications.

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