Types of cigarettes

Updated April 13, 2018

There is no type of safe cigarette, but there certainly is a wide array of them. Different types of cigarettes are usually classified by flavour, but speciality cigarettes provide different features, such as smokeless or electronic cigarettes. Speciality cigarettes are normally considered novelty items, and are generally harder to obtain than the normal types.

Non-Menthol Filtered Cigarettes

Non-menthol cigarettes with a filter are the most common type of cigarette. They come in two standard lengths, "kings" and "100's." 100's are longer, but often skinnier than king-size cigarettes. They come in full flavour, light and ultra light varieties, the difference being the strength of the flavour.

Menthol Filtered Cigarettes

Menthol cigarettes come in the same sizes as non-menthol filtered cigarettes. The difference is that the tobacco is mixed with a substance called menthol, imbuing them with a minty flavour. There are full flavour, light, and ultra light menthol cigarettes as well.

Roll Your Own

Some people choose to roll their own cigarettes to save on cost. These cigarettes can be filtered, by making them with a rolling machine, or unfiltered by using papers that are gummed on one side.

Special Flavors

Some cigarettes come with different flavouring options added. Clove, orange, vanilla, and cherry are some of the options available. These are generally only found in speciality shops, and are usually more costly.

Novelty Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes and smokeless cigarettes are two types of novelty cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes vaporise the nicotine, do not contain tobacco and do not create any first or second-hand smoke, but allow the smoker to still get the rush of nicotine, the main drug in tobacco.

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