What Grooms Should Wear at a Destination Beach Wedding

Updated July 18, 2017

Destination weddings are increasingly popular, especially those in tropical locations. When the ceremony is on a beach, grooms have the option to wear clothing that is more comfortable and relaxed, or which reflect the local culture.


Grooms should take various considerations into account with a beach wedding. First, will you be walking in the sand? If so, footwear needs to be casual. Second, what time of day will you be getting married? If it is at sunset, will it still be warm outside? If it is during the day, how hot will it get? This will determine the type of material to wear.

Also, what type of feel are you going to have for your ceremony? Is it casual? Beach weddings generally are, so you can wear something more relaxed (for example, a guyabera shirt in a Latin American setting).


A popular trend in beach wedding attire for grooms is toward long, white shirts and khaki trousers. If you go even more laid-back, tropical shirts and long trousers are an option. If you do want a classier feel to your ceremony, opt for neutral colours that match the colours of the sand. Dark suits and tuxedos are generally too hot and upscale for this casual atmosphere.


Bare feet or sandals are the easiest option for footwear. Likely, many guests will remove their shoes as well. If you do wear a suit, you can wear loafers without socks that can easily be slipped off and emptied of sand.


With an outdoor venue, choose fabrics that are loose fitting and comfortable. Cotton trousers work well, as do linen shirts. Grooms are often seen wearing shirts untucked, whichadds to the casual atmosphere of a beach setting.


Beach weddings offer beautiful sunsets, the sound of the ocean and a chance to go casual versus wearing a tie. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes so it is not difficult to walk through the rough sand. Also, be aware that with an outdoor venue, weather can change quickly. It is a good idea to have a jacket waiting, just in case the temperature cools suddenly.

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