What Are the Health Benefits of Lemon Juice in Water?

Written by eulalia palomo | 13/05/2017
What Are the Health Benefits of Lemon Juice in Water?
(Photo courtesy of Morguefile)

Drinking plenty of water is key for maintaining a healthy system, and adding a little lemon can improve the effects of proper hydration even more. Lemons are cleansing and provide many healthy benefits. Be sure to look for fresh organic lemons for a daily body detox.

Weight Loss

Drinking the juice of one to two lemons in a glass of fresh cool water first thing upon rising in the morning can stimulate the system and instigate weight loss.

Staying Cool

Lemon juice in water can help regulate body temperature in hot climates by stimulating perspiration. This process helps to keep you feeling cool and refreshed.


Lemon juice added to a glass of water can help to stimulate digestion by activating the stomach digestive juices. This can help to alleviate symptoms of indigestion and associated discomfort.

System Cleanse

Drinking plenty of cool fresh water mixed with lemon juice can flush toxins from the body keeping the system cleansed and healthy.

Healthy Skin

The cleansing effects of lemon improve skin tone by removing toxins and flushing the system to promote healthy radiant skin.

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