Ambrotose Side Effects

Updated February 21, 2017

Ambrotose is a nutritional-based complex that combines mono- and polysacharides that are known to provide immune and antioxidant support for the body. As a food-based supplement, it does not have any side effects, besides specific food allergies to its ingredients.


Ambrotose's ingredients include aloe vera, ghatti and tragacanth gums, rice starch, and glucosamine HCL, which comes from shrimp, as well as several other ingredients. It is available as Ambrotose complex and Advanced Ambrotose, in powder or capsule form.


The polysaccharides available in Ambrotose are not always consumed in low-vegetable and low-fruit diets.


According to Mannatech, laboratory studies revealed that Ambrotose has a positive effect on the brain, immune system, and it gives antioxidant and prebiotic---nutritional support for healthy intestinal flora---support to the body.

Memory and Vision

A study that revealed Ambrotose's improvement of the memory and vision was conducted by Dr. Stancil and Dr. Hicks of Howard University. It confirmed their conclusion that it is a broadly beneficial, food-based supplement.


Claims of its effectiveness against auto-immune diseases have also been made. This includes promise for Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus.


According to William T. Jarvis, PhD, of the National Council Against Health Fraud, Dr. Darryl See---formerly of Mannatech---claimed that Ambrotose was beneficial against many diseases, including AIDS and cancer. Yet these claims were supposedly made without supporting documents.

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