First aid activities for children

Updated February 12, 2018

Children love to pretend, to play games, to make craft items and to help people. Introducing children to first aid can incorporate all these activities. Starting with creating a first aid kit is a great way to introduce children to this concept.


A first aid kit can be made from a plastic lunch box or a candy tin. A common Girl Scouts project many years ago was to cover a cigar box with white tack paper and then mark a red cross on front for the first aid symbol.

Show and Identify

One by one, show the kids items that could be included in a first aid kit, along with some obvious non-kit items that will make them laugh. Make this appropriate for their age level with items they can identify.

Kit Items

Items that can go in the first aid kit include bandages, sterile gauze pads, adhesive tape, an ice pack, hydrogen peroxide, a small scissors, soap and tweezers.


Practice with the children what to do if an injury occurs. A fall from a bicycle, for instance, could result in scrapes, or worse, a broken arm.

More Pretend Activities

Have the children pretend to help each other out in case of sunburn, poison ivy or a bee sting.

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