Excessive Tiredness After Eating

Written by linda finnegan | 13/05/2017
Excessive Tiredness After Eating
Extreme tiredness has many causes. (exam image by DXfoto.com from Fotolia.com)

The cause of excessive tiredness after eating might be as simple as overeating or having had a hard day, but it can also indicate the need for a lifestyle change or a trip to the doctor's office.


Excessive Tiredness After Eating
Fatigue unrelieved by sleep should be investigated. (bed image by Kirsten Alexander from Fotolia.com)

Everyone experiences tiredness at one time or another. It is the body's response to physical exertion, stress or lack of sleep. When sleep does not relieve the fatigue, however, it is time to look more closely at its underlying causes.


Excessive Tiredness After Eating
Physicians work to uncover the underlying causes of tiredness. (doctor desk image by dinostock from Fotolia.com)

Physicians identify the underlying causes of fatigue by looking at the history and development of the symptoms through interviews, lab tests and physical examinations. Fatigue is caused by many problems, including anaemia, sleep disorders, depression, major organ dysfunction. Poor diet and lack of exercise or hydration also may be involved.


Excessive Tiredness After Eating
Exercise may help relieve fatigue. (Man on the exercise bike image by Elzbieta Sekowska from Fotolia.com)

The causes of fatigue may be complex, and its treatment can incorporate medication, stress management or a change in sleep habits. Diet and exercise often play a part as well. Most treatments will have several components that work together to overcome fatigue.


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