Army benefits after a marriage separation

Written by jeanne baird | 13/05/2017

Unfortunately, the military is no stranger to divorces occurring between its soldiers and their spouses. When separation and divorce occurs, the military has rules for the benefits owed to former spouses.

Retirement Pay

By law, retirement pay is commonly considered marital property and treated like any other retirement benefit in divorce proceedings.

Survivor Benefit Plan Beneficiary

Soldiers commonly have the option of changing their Survivor Benefit Plan beneficiary if it is a former spouse. If a soldier chooses not to change the beneficiary, "former spouse coverage" should be reported to the proper military finance centre within twelve months.

Housing Benefits

Former spouses of military personnel may receive an allotment of time in finding new housing for themselves off base, when there are no children involved.

Medical Benefits

A former spouse of a soldier is commonly entitled to one year of medical benefits following a divorce. This is generally known as transitional benefits.

Suspension of Benefits

Benefits to former spouses may be suspended if the person has a job that provides similar benefits.

Remarriage, Dissolution and Death

Former spouses of soldiers only continue to get benefits under certain circumstances. These limiting circumstances include marriage length, time in the military during marriage, remarriage to another and dissolution of remarriage or death of new spouse.

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