Military Schools for Teens

Updated April 17, 2017

Military schools for teens are not only last resorts for troubled or difficult teens, but also a unique opportunity for parents and students seeking structure and discipline. According to Boot Camp Overview and Military Schools Info, a military school offers a highly disciplined and strict environment for education. Teenagers experience a regimental lifestyle, a strict diet and fitness program and strenuous hours and service projects. Military school students typically attend from age 13 to age 18.

Physical Fitness Programs

Military schools as a rule observe strenuous physical fitness programs. Students are referred to as cadets. They are up early every day, generally involved in early morning callisthenics and running programs prior to eating and going to class. Intense exercise is designed to improve the overall fitness of the students and teach them to respect their bodies.

Work Ethic

Military schools are ideal for difficult or delinquent teenagers because they instil a strong work ethic through direct obedience to their superior officers. Obedience to the rules is non-negotiable, and hard work is demanded and rewarded.

Moral Fortitude

Students in a military school learn punctuality, teamwork, respect, kindness, courtesy and goal setting. Military programs emphasise the unit over the individual and that success for one is success for all.


Military schools for teens offer standard and advanced education options. Students will still take the SAT, ACT and other college-level admission exams. Students who qualify will be able to take AP and college level courses.


The goal of a military education is self-reliance, self-respect and self-motivation. While not all teens at military schools will continue on to serve in the U.S. military, the self-respect and self-reliance they learn will support them in any chosen career.

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