About Springer Spaniel Newborn Puppies

Updated April 17, 2017

English springer spaniels belong to the sporting group of dogs. They are medium- sized dogs that weigh approximately 18.1 to 22.7kg. when full grown. According to the American Kennel Club, English springer spaniel puppies are: "Cheerful and affectionate, springers love their families and like to stick close to their owners. They make excellent house pets, but require daily exercise and need regular brushing and trimming to keep their coats neat and free of mats." English springer spaniel newborn puppies exhibit the qualities and appearance of adult springers.


The English springer spaniel puppy exhibits a gentle nature, sturdy body and long, hanging ears. Springer puppies have evenly proportioned bodies that display the power and agility the puppy will have as an adult hunting dog. English springer spaniel puppies exhibit enthusiasm at a young age, which indicates their distinctive endurance qualities.


The head of an English springer spaniel puppy is in proportion to the puppy's body. When looking at the springer puppy from the side, the head should be about the same length as the puppy's neck. An English springer spaniel puppy should have an alert, friendly and trusting expression with deep, oval eyes. According to the AKC Standard, springer puppies should not have round, bulging eyes.

The ears of an English springer spaniel puppy should be level with the position of the puppy's eyes and should not be located too far back on the head. The puppy's ears should be long and able to reach the tip of the puppy's nose. Between the puppy's eyes, there is a slight rise of the forehead to the top of the puppy's head.

The newborn puppy's muzzle should be straight rather than sloping down. Springer puppies top lips come down over the bottom jaw.

Neck and Body

The English springer spaniel puppy's neck is long and arched at the top. The puppy's neck gradually meets the sloping shoulders. Even at a young age, the puppy's body should be compact and strong, with a deep chest. Springer spaniel puppies display straight backs and round hips. The puppy's tail should feature lively wagging, especially when the puppy is at play.

Front and Back Legs

English springer spaniel puppies exhibit flat shoulder blades that are placed close together at the tips. The shoulder forms a right angle with the upper leg of the puppy. The puppy's elbows are situated right evenly under the shoulder blades. The puppy's legs are strong and straight and the paws are generally rounded or a little oval.
The back legs of the English springer spaniel puppy display some of the muscle of an adult springer. The puppy's thighs and hips exhibit strength. The rear paws are a little smaller than the front paws of the puppy.


A newborn springer spaniel puppy can have various colour markings. The acceptable colours for a springer spaniel puppy are: black or dark brown, also known as liver, with white; blue or dark brown; black and white; and dark brown and white with tan on the eyebrows and cheeks. The coat sometimes has flecks of colour spread throughout.


English springer spaniel puppies are fast learners and look forward to commands. They love to please their owners and enjoy family life. Puppies are attentive and nonaggressive toward people and other dogs. Puppies should not be afraid or timid because these qualities would hinder their sporting or hunting abilities.

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