The Salary Range of Genetic Counselors

Updated March 23, 2017

Genetic counsellors educate individuals and family members on genetic disorders and the risks of passing those disorders to their children. They typically hold a master's degree in genetic counselling and many genetic counsellors also have board certification. Genetic counsellors frequently work for hospitals as salaried employees on a health care team.


O*NET Online reports that the projected growth in employment of genetic counsellors from 2008 to 2018 is expected to increase by 14 to 19 per cent. This rate is faster than the average rate of increase for all occupations during this same period. The growth of genomic medicine will continue to drive the increase in the need for genetic counsellors. Hospitals and similar settings will continued to employ genetic counsellors as part of the salaried staff with increasing frequency.

National Salaries

The average annual salary for genetic counsellors in 2009 was £29,035, equal to a rate of £13.90 an hour. The employment of genetic counsellors in 2008 was 59,000, according to O*NET Online. An additional 29,100 openings for genetic counsellors are expected to occur from the year 2008 to 2018. The average annual salaries for genetic counsellors should therefore increase faster than the rate of inflation during this period.

Industry Trends

The majority of genetic counsellors work in health care and social assistance, with 65 per cent of them employed in this capacity. An additional 14 per cent of genetic counsellors work in state, federal and local governments. Educational institutions employ 11 per cent of all genetic counsellors. The remaining 10 per cent of genetic counsellors work in other industries.

Geographic Salaries

Simply Hired reports that the average annual income for genetic counsellors in New York was £34,450 as of 2011. The average annual salary for genetic counsellors in California was £33,150 and those in Texas had an average annual salary of £27,300. Florida's genetic counsellors earned an average annual income of £26,650 and genetic counsellors in Illinois earned £30,550 a year on average.

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