The average salary of a birth doula

Updated March 23, 2017

For thousands of years birth doulas have helped women during pregnancy and childbirth. Doulas have the important role of providing support and advice. Although birth doulas do not have the medical experience to provide for their clients physically, they can provide much-needed emotional support that can help make a woman's pregnancy and delivery much easier.

Average Salary

According to Simply Hired, the average salary for a birth doula is £33,150. However, the site also states that the salary can vary considerably. The salary depends on numerous factors, such as location and experience.

Clients and Location

The number of clients that the doula chooses to take on affects salary. It's also necessary to remember that the location of the doula can affect overall income. According to, the cost of a doula ranges throughout the United States. For example, doulas who live in San Francisco or Manhattan should expect to make more than individuals that work in less affluent cities.

Doula Services

Women pay birth doulas for a variety of services. Doulas may charge separate prices for prenatal, labour and postpartum support or choose to offer their services in a package deal. Doulas might also offer their clients personal visits, for which they would charge an hourly rate. Some doulas may also supplement their income by offering childbirth education courses or lactation consulting services.

Experience and Compensation

The experience of the doula plays a role in her compensation. Doulas with little to no experience may charge significantly less. In some cases, a doula in training may offer volunteer or free services in order to gain experience. According to, a family's financial status can also affect a doula's pay. Some doulas are willing to work on a sliding scale fee for families that want a doula but are unable to afford the service.


Some may consider the birth doulas services as priceless. Birth doulas can also help with pregnancy-related anxiety, depression and panic disorder. They also have an effect on reducing or eliminating postpartum depression. In addition to providing numerous emotional benefits, the doula's presence can reduce a woman's need for a C-section, reduce the need for medical interventions such as forceps or vacuum during delivery and reduce the amount of time that a woman might spend in labour.

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