The average salary of yoga instructors

The average salary for a yoga instructor depends on several factors, including experience, location and class size. Most yoga instructors are independent contractors or part-time employees of the studio where they teach. The average salary is £9 to £22 for a group class, but instructors may charge £65 or more for a private class. The annual income for a full-time instructor averages between £19,500 and £45,500, according to PayScale.


The main factors affecting a yoga instructor's salary are based in her personal success as a business owner. Instructors just starting out may begin on the low end of the pay scale. However, many studios give bonuses if an instructor routinely increases her class size. Living in an area where yoga is popular will help. Additionally, an instructor can earn added income by securing private lessons with individual students, often offered at twice the normal class rate. Teachers who offer teacher training classes, workshops and retreats can further expand their income.


When considering a teacher's salary, consider the cost of operating as a yoga instructor. Many training certification programs offered through the Yoga Alliance can cost £1,300 to £1,950. Yoga instructors are also required to obtain insurance. The other primary expenses will be clothing and music. Since you will likely not be employed full time, you will have to seek out private health insurance and other benefits which can add to your cost. If you host a website or offer other marketing materials, you will have to pay these costs out of pocket.


The longer you are in business as an instructor, the larger your following. As such, it can take several years to begin earning a healthy salary. In the first several months after becoming an instructor, studios might ask you to teach free classes or donation-based classes to gain experience before hiring you into a paid position. If you find yoga instructors in your area earn an average of £32 per class, for example, ask about the pay scale for a junior instructor versus a senior instructor.


To increase your income, consider opening a yoga studio. Yoga studios can provide a projected revenue over £45,500 in just their first year, according to an article in New York magazine. The start-up costs to open a studio tend to be much higher than the costs to become an instructor. However, by collecting proceeds whenever there is a class in your studio, even if you are not teaching, you can substantially increase your income.


If you do operate a successful yoga studio or business for many years, you have the opportunity to develop a large amount of income through your expertise in the area. The Yoga Alliance training program is self-regulating. You can offer Yoga Alliance-approved training to students in your area and charge £1,300 to £1,950 per student for the two-week seminar.

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