Airsoft BB weights & accuracy

Written by heather mckinney
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Airsoft BB weights & accuracy
The weight of Airsoft ammo greatly affects its accuracy (silueta pistola image by MelenaVerde from

The weight of an Airsoft BB greatly affects its accuracy. Airsoft BBs are weighed in fractions of a gram; the heavier the BB, the more accurate it will be. Lighter BBs will veer off of their course more easily because they are not as dense. However, a heavier BB requires more firepower to project it farther. For this reason, it is important to know how powerful your weapon is so you can choose the weight that will be most accurate based on its firing capabilities.

.12 -.15 Gram

BBs that are .12-gram weight are among the lightest weights of Airsoft ammunition. This BB is most commonly used with the spring-action Airsoft gun that also happens to be the cheapest and most basic of all Airsoft weapons. These are single-action guns, meaning they have to be cocked after every shot. Cocking the gun puts tension on an internal spring. Pulling the trigger releases the tension and propels the BB out of the barrel. The .15-gram BB is a rare weight that can also be used in spring-action weapons. Because these BBs are so light, they are not very accurate.

.20 Gram

The .20-gram BB is considered an Airsoft standard weight, since most guns can use this size. Gas-powered Airsoft weapons are some of the more sophisticated and use compressed gas to shoot BBs. The non-blowback style of gas gun is the lower end of this category of Airsoft. This means that when the gun is fired it does not have the slide action that real guns do. These guns can take .12-gram BBs but function best and are most accurate when using .20-gram ammunition.

.25 Gram

A .25-gram BB requires greater firepower for accurate shooting. The blowback-style guns that are at the higher end of gas Airsoft guns are the best match for this BB. When fired, gas enters a chamber inside the gun, forcing the slide back. This compresses a spring, which then moves the slide forward, simulating the movement of a real firearm. During the process, a BB is moved from the magazine into the barrel, ready to be fired.

.28 Gram

BB's that weigh .28 grams are best paired with an air electric gun (AEG). AEGs use a battery-powered motor and metal gearbox to shoot BBs. These are generally high capacity, automatic weapons. They have a lot of firepower, and some can be upgraded. Many AEGs can use .20-gram BBs, but because their firepower is so high, the .28 gram BB is a better match.

.30 Gram and Higher

The .30-gram BB is considered the sniper standard weight. This weight is extremely accurate when used with the correct weapon. Sniper rifles have the greatest range of any type of Airsoft weapon. These weapons are designed to hit the enemy at long distances quickly and accurately. It is only natural that Sniper rifles would take the heaviest BBs. There are higher-end BBs that have weights that range up to .43-gram. These BBs are rare and they do not go as far as the .30-gram.

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