Castor oil & iodine hair treatment

Written by amanda stewart
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Castor oil & iodine hair treatment
Baldness isn't incurable or hopeless; try this simple process to maintain your hair. (man in blue jacket image by GeoM from

Whether occurring in a male or female, hair loss is a frequent, often embarrassing, result of ageing. Stress, unhealthy diet, harsh styling, thyroid problems and diseases can all cause hair to thin---meaning a large percentage of people must deal with hair loss. If your hair sloughs off at an alarming rate, try castor oil and iodine to preserve and regrow your mane.

A Simple Treatment

Castor oil and white iodine, two supplies stocked at nearly every corner drugstore or pharmacy, can slow or even curtail hair loss. When properly applied, an alternating regimen of castor oil and white iodine massaged into the scalp stimulates follicles to produce more hair and relieves underlying dermatological problems such as dryness and flaking. Instead of leaving hair knots in shower drains and hairbrush bristles, try this easy and natural method of treating hair loss. This time-tested treatment, practised in India by Hindu women to keep their locks, is gentle and safe.

Treatment, Day 1

Separate your hair into small sections, about an inch in diameter. Apply castor oil directly to the first section with a cotton ball or small piece of cloth. Gently massage the oil into the scalp. Repeat with each section of hair, generously swabbing oil into the skin and roots of the hair. When finished, wrap a moist, hot towel around the head and wear it for 15 to 20 minutes to help the oil penetrate deep into the skin and follicles. Remove the towel, then rinse the head and hair with warm water. Shampoo and condition as normal. Conditioner helps seal in the oil and moisturises the hair.

Castor oil & iodine hair treatment
Castor oil and iodine can help you combat thinning hair. (red shampoo articles image by Julia Britvich from

Treatment, Day 2

Repeat the above steps, substituting white iodine for the castor oil. For the rest of the week, alternate between castor oil and white iodine treatments. By the end of the week, your scalp should have grown healthier with hair follicles stimulated to produce more hair. Along with stemming loss, this treatment also results in lustrous, glossy and voluminous hair.

Continued Use

Keep up a regimen of the oil and iodine treatments, applying them for one week each month. Continuing the treatment maintains the hair you still have, which will prove more effective than trying to regrow new hair. You can continue this process for years without yielding side effects. The only potential downside lies in the jealousy of friends as they compare their balding heads with your thick and healthy hair.


Hair loss can indicate serious illness. If this treatment fails to work, or hair loss is unexpected and drastic, or accompanied by other symptoms, consult your doctor. If you experience any skin irritation or discomfort from the procedure, immediately rinse your head and hair thoroughly, and do not continue with the treatment.

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