Combat Hapkido Training

Written by lynn rademacher
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Combat Hapkido Training
Combat hapkido focuses on self defence moves. (arts martiaux 3 image by Nathalie P from

Combat hapkido is an alternate kind of martial art training that focuses exclusively on self-defence techniques. The discipline of combat hapkido is a recognised and sanctioned style of martial arts and is regulated by the International Combat Hapkido Federation. Instructors are tested and students are able to move through various skill levels of training.

Combat Hapkido Beginning

Combat hapkido was created and named by Grandmaster Pellegrini in 1990 and has been gaining in popularity since then. The goal that Grandmaster Pellegrini had was to develop a true self-defence type of martial art program. By 1992 an official instructional curriculum was developed and the International Combat Hapkido Federation (ICHF) was founded.


The moves that are taught in combat hapkido are purposefully versatile and realistic. The goal is for students of combat hapkido to be able to defend themselves in real-world situations where they may be threatened. A series of kicks, joint locks, strikes, pressure-point manoeuvres, and disarming techniques are all taught to students of combat hapkido.

Combat Hapkido Is Not Traditional

Combat hapkido is not a new kind of marital art. It has garnished moves from traditional hapkido and other martial art disciplines to make an effective self-defence style of martial arts. The purpose of combat hapkido is not designed as a martial sport or freestyle martial arts and cannot be modified for sport. Students don't spend time learning martial art forms such as the kata and other stationary moves in combat hapkido.

Traditional Hapkido and Combat Hapkido Differences

The discipline of combat hapkido is not the same as traditional hapkido. Combat hapkido is designed to be all self-defence training with each of the moves designed for a specific purpose. Traditional hapkido kicks are completed at various height levels, while the kicks taught in combat hapkido are all aimed at the lower part of the body to assist with immobilising the attacker. The weapons taught in traditional hapkido—the bamboo sword or fan—are traditional to martial arts in general. Combat hapkido also focuses on training how to use weapons available in everyday life, such as a belt, cane and other common items.

Who Can Learn Combat Hapkido

The teachings of combat hapkido are applicable from the very first lesson, which is a benefit for busy adults who are interested in learning self defence but don’t have time or energy for traditional martial arts training. Combat hapkido does not rely on extreme physical ability, strength, or size to be useful and can benefit men and women of all sizes. The design and moves of combat hapkido do rely on the individual using them to be able to use common sense and judgment.

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