Job Description for a VIP Hostess

Updated February 21, 2017

Five star resorts and hotels, as well as major casinos, have repeat customers who are referred to as VIP customers based on the frequency of their visits and how much money they spend at the location during their stay. To ensure these profit-generating guests return, these locations have staff members assigned to provide VIPs with personal attention and ensure their optimum satisfaction with all amenities. The female person associated with this position is called a VIP hostess.

Skill Requirements

An extraordinary memory is required to be a successful VIP hostess. She is expected to recognise and greet VIP visitors by name and know enough about their families and careers to make comfortable small talk. A VIP hostess is also required to retain constantly changing information about shows and attractions for which she may be required to obtain tickets for VIP guests. Public relations skills are necessary to establish and cultivate strong relationships with key personnel at restaurants and clubs who can provide access to sold-out shows and authorise complimentary meals and services. Computer expertise is required to research events, restaurants and club performances for VIP visitors.

Job Duties

Personalised customer service is the main service of a VIP hostess. She is expected to greet VIP guests as they arrive in a manner that makes them feel elite and to frequently approach them during their stay to confirm their satisfaction and offer them exclusive amenities. If VIP visitors have any problems or questions, the VIP hostess is required to resolve them in a manner that goes beyond what is expected. A key part of her job is to come up with creative solutions and perks that keep customers satisfied and anxious to return to the location.

Work Conditions

The environment in which a VIP hostess works is normally upscale and sophisticated. She spends a significant part of her work day on her feet greeting visitors and mingling with guests, and some time conducting research on a computer. She is expected to dress in a professional and stylish manner. Work hours are normally erratic and usually include nights, weekends and holidays.

Educational Requirements

A high school diploma or equivalent is required to qualify for this position. Knowledge of casino or hotel operations is preferred, depending on the work venue. Past work experience in customer service or public relations is desirable.

Salary and Advancement Opportunities

If a VIP hostess excels at her job, she may have opportunities to be promoted to a range of positions in customer service, sales or marketing management. Contacts she establishes with her VIP clients sometimes provide leads to more lucrative career paths. Based on information at the job and salary website, the average annual salary for a VIP hostess in the United States in July 2010 was £21,450.

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