Cost of concrete floor vs. hardwood

Concrete and hardwood floors offer different features that contribute to their ultimate cost per square foot. Each type of flooring is associated with a number of additional costs that consumers should be aware of before they commit to a flooring installation project involving either type of flooring.


Hardwood flooring costs are heavily dependent on the type or species of wood chosen. Hardwood flooring can be constructed out of such species of wood as cherry, pine and hickory. Bamboo is also considered to be a hardwood. Concrete can be poured and stained to provide dynamic, artistic or otherwise complex designs that cannot easily be duplicated by hardwoods. While concrete flooring is harder and more durable than hardwood flooring, both types of flooring can last for decades if they are not neglected.


According to Cost Helper, American cherry wood can be purchased for about £3 per square foot, while Brazilian cherry costs about £9 per square foot. Pine planks are available for around £7 per square foot. Bamboo flooring can cost the consumer between £2 and £3 per square foot. Concrete flooring costs £1.30 to £9 per square foot, according to Concrete Floors. Basic, single-coloured concrete flooring typically costs between £1.30 and £3 per square foot, while mid-grade concrete with decorative effects can cost between £3 and £5 per square foot. High-grade concrete that features complex artistic patterns and staining costs between £5 and £9 per square foot.


Professional installation can usually account for a large percentage of the costs linked with concrete and hardwood installation. Most hardwoods can be installed with relative ease, which is why some consumers may choose to self-install their hardwood flooring. Bamboo however, requires professional installation because of the complexities involved. Concrete is also a very difficult and potentially dangerous material to work with, and professional installation is recommended.


The general maintenance involved with both types of flooring is a factor that can affect the overall cost of each type of flooring. Concrete flooring should have a protective sealant coating applied to its surface soon after it has cured. After seal coating, concrete flooring will require only a small amount of regular maintenance throughout the years, according to Concrete Network. Hardwoods also require a protective sealant to keep them from prematurely deteriorating. Unlike concrete flooring, hardwood flooring requires regular sealing every few years or so.

Additional Costs

There are other additional costs for both concrete flooring and hardwood flooring. The overall cost of hardwood flooring can rapidly increase with the addition of custom borders and patterns. Such additional costs can increase the price tag of a hardwood installation project by as much as £1.30 per square foot, according to Cost Helper.

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