Cost of chimney cleaning

Updated July 19, 2017

Cleaning your chimney properly is an important part of protecting your home. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, an annual chimney inspection can prevent costly chimney fires and dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning. While the cost of maintaining a chimney will vary from house to house, it is possible to get a general idea of the costs associated with cleaning your chimney.

Understanding Price Quotes

There are two parts to the cost of hiring a chimney sweep: inspection and cleaning. A chimney sweep may quote either the cost of the inspection only or the cost of both the inspection and a cleaning. It is important to understand just what services the quoted price includes.

Inspection Levels

A Level 1 inspection is the minimum requirement and is appropriate for an annual inspection. Level 2 is the appropriate inspection level when you have recently purchased a home or when changes have been made to your system. A Level 3 inspection is appropriate when you suspect a serious hazard in the chimney.

The cost of a Level 1 inspection by, for example, North Carolina's Chimney Keepers is £44. A Level 2 inspection is £126, and a Level 3 inspection is £159 or more, depending on the difficulty of the inspection. In some areas, a fire brigade might inspect a chimney for free.

Minimum Service Cost

The cost of actually cleaning, or sweeping, the chimney is in addition to the cost of the inspection. This cost varies, depending on the type of chimney and the difficulty of cleaning it. The cost of an inspection and cleaning will start at £97, according to, although Goss Bros. Chimney Service says that a reputable company may charge as little as £65.


Goss Bros. Chimney Service in Pennsylvania reports that the national average for an inspection and cleaning is £97 to £104. However, calculates that the national average for an inspection and cleaning is just under £195. Your cost may vary, depending on your home's unique characteristics.

Four major considerations include the amount of creosote build-up, the height and location of the chimney, the type of heating system and the difficulty of accessing the roof. Scheduling a cleaning during the warm-weather months may get you a discount and reduce your total bill.

Repair Costs

Following the inspection, a chimney sweep may recommend various repairs to improve the safety of the heating system. These repairs may include items such as replacing the liner or installing a chimney cap. The cost of these repairs will be in addition to the cost of the inspection and cleaning but may be equally important for maintaining the chimney. A reputable chimney sweep will itemise the cost of the repairs upon request.

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