Men's wedding attire etiquette

Written by theresa pickett | 13/05/2017
Men's wedding attire etiquette
Attending a wedding calls for the correct outfit. (groom image by cherie from

Men's wedding attire etiquette suggests that men should be aware of the traditions for choosing their clothing for formal and informal weddings. Pay attention to the cues of the wedding type to ensure appropriate dress. Grooms also must dress appropriately perhaps by coordinating their outfits with their brides' colours.


Dressing in a respectful manner shows the hosts and engaged couple that you care about their decisions for the wedding. Planners put significant work into organising every detail of the wedding and reception. They typically opt for their guests to eat expensive meals at the reception, and they have the right to determine what their guests should wear. An invitation to a wedding demonstrates compassion that should be met with respect by the guests dressing appropriately for the occasion.

Beach Weddings

Men attending beach weddings typically can wear a business casual outfit. According to, khakis with a shirt and tie might be perfect for a casual beach wedding with pool side reception. Most tuxedo retailers offer tan tuxedos that are chic and elegant for a casual wedding. A chocolate brown tuxedo is classy for a nighttime wedding on the beach.


Grooms should dress according to the location of the wedding and the bride's wedding colours. According to The Knot, grooms can spice up their attire to show personality while fitting into the formality of the occasion. Although the groom's attire generally coordinates with the bride's colours, he can use an accent colour that goes with the colour of the flowers. He can also use a new accent colour that the bride did not use for anything else.

Flattering Tuxedos

Grooms and groomsmen must find tuxedos that flatter their body types. The Knot shows that men can hide overly thin and overly husky bodies with the right type of tuxedo. For instance, light tuxedos emphasise a husky body. If a groom did not succeed with his pre-wedding diet, he might want to choose a darker colour. The shape of the tuxedo must fit the groom correctly in length and width to look flattering.

Religious Customs

Customs at a religious ceremony may call for a certain type of clothing for the men. Christian church weddings, for instance, are significantly formal events that might require traditional black tuxes with standard white shirts and black bow ties depending on the location of the wedding. If a couple is getting married with a destination wedding at a church, men might be able to veer from the traditional black tuxedo depending on the bride and groom's preferences.

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