Job Description for a Political Analyst

Written by martin muchira | 13/05/2017
Job Description for a Political Analyst
Political analysts closely analyse political sytems and affairs in a country or organisation and how it affects people. (Catalan political street graffiti image by Barcabloo from

Political analysts are in charge of dealing with political systems, theories and affairs. A political analyst is also involved in carrying out research on political and public administration issues such as relations between different countries and institutions, and politics of various countries. He is also involved in analysing the working of the government and conducting opinion polls and surveys.


According to PayScale, political analysts need a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in political science. A qualification in social sciences such as sociology is also acceptable. However, a political analyst who only has a bachelor’s degree has limited opportunities for advancement, therefore, it is advisable to get a master's degree or Ph.D. A master's in public administration is acceptable.

Desirable Skills

A political analyst has good research skills. He is also good in mathematics and statistics. He is also able to use computers and stays updated on the latest technological developments in his field. He needs good oral and written communication skills, which will help him to research well and report effectively on his research findings. He is able to think logically and critically and come up with rational conclusions on diverse issues. He also needs to be objective, persevering and work in a systematic manner.

Duties and Responsibilities

According to PayScale, a political analyst analyses various policies, such as government policies, and interprets how they are applicable to the organisation he works for. He analyses public election results and interprets them. He studies and researches such topics as ideologies, public decision making and structure of governments. He offers consultation services and provides recommendations to top management or clients concerning policies and strategic thinking. He coordinates and makes logistical arrangements for various projects he is working on.


Job Description for a Political Analyst
Political analyst earnings depend on industry, experience, location, etc. (keyboard with -salary- button image by air from

According to PayScale, the salary for a political analyst ranges from £26,385 to £42,850 per year. This is usually inclusive of commissions, bonuses and profit sharing. Bonuses range from £638 to £3,126 per year. Profit sharing ranges from £780 to £3,131. The salary varies according to industry and the location the political analyst is working in.

Job Outlook

According to Study Discussions, job prospects for political analysts are getting wider. They are no longer just limited to academic and lecturer jobs but can now work in a multitude of organisations such as the media, lobby groups, writers and publishing houses. They can also work as political or legislative consultants or for elected officials.


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