What Is the Difference Between Cross Cut & Confetti Cut?

Updated July 19, 2017

Shredders help individuals and businesses protect their privacy. The shredding machine destroys papers by cutting the paper into many small pieces so they can't be easily read. Shredders which use cross cut or confetti cut are most popular because they create very small bits of paper.

Cross Cut

Most shredders cut paper into small strips. In regular shredders these cuts are done vertically. Cross-cutting shredders slice the paper horizontally as well as vertically, which creates much smaller bits of paper since it cuts both ways.

Confetti Cut

Confetti cut shredders basically use the same process as the cross cut shredders, which means the term can be used interchangeably. While cross cut shredders create a uniform result, some confetti cut shredders make bits of paper that vary in size, making it look more like confetti.


Shredders help make homes and businesses more secure and help prevent identity theft.

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