The Hipster Diet

Updated July 19, 2017

Urban Dictionary defines hipsters as young men and women living in cosmopolitan areas who embrace counter-culture, independent thought, and art. Aside from their clothing, social behaviours and music choices, another important aspect of the hipster lifestyle is food. The diet of a hipster is principled, complicated and sometimes contradicts itself.


In a culture obsessed with dieting, it only makes sense that hipsters act in defiance against get-thin-quick schemes. Many hipsters see dieting as a torturous way of denying themselves pleasure through food, according to the pop-culture blog Herculodge. Despite their slender frames, hipsters won't be caught counting calories and leaning toward low-fat options solely for the sake of losing weight. A main goal of the hipster is to replenish his body with healthy options while lowering the carbon footprint of the food industry.

Healthy eating reports that a number of hipsters are vegetarian or vegan---they don't eat meat, dairy, eggs and any other food items that contain animal products. Their diets often consist of vegetables, tofu and other soy products. Other popular foods hipsters enjoy include falafels (small, fried balls of ground chic peas) and meatless alternatives, such as setian or tempeh.

Beverages of choice

The hipster is no exception to the social attraction of drinking coffee. Hipsters are often considered coffee connoisseurs who may grind their own high-quality beans and use French presses to brew. Many hipsters will refrain from using sweeteners or creams to avoid masking the flavour of expensive coffee. Hipsters are beer and hard liquor drinkers who often prefer Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, according to hipster observer, Beth Gilbert of San Jose, Calif.


You won't find hipsters at a buffet of any kind despite their love of food, as reported in Herculodge. Hipsters tend to eat frequently throughout the day, but in small amounts. French and Japanese cultures are similar in the respect of portions, believing it is best to never eat until completely full. Hipsters often prefer quality over quantity of food.


Being ironic and contrary is considered extremely cool to the hipster, according to the article "Ironic Hipsters" posted on Not all hipsters are vegetarian or vegan as there are many alternative eating styles such as gluten-free, soy-free, or detox regiments consisting of all organic foods, that permit eating animal products. Hipsters can also contradict themselves by mastering old-fashioned comfort food recipes. The idea is that when an action is so traditional, it becomes rebellious.

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