Consumer insights analyst job description

Updated April 17, 2017

A consumer insights analyst is similar to a marketing research analyst in that both study consumer activity through surveys. Little difference exists the two positions, and a company's human resources department determines the choice of job title. Nevertheless, the consumer insights analyst job description usually includes a number of functions that centre around better understanding consumers in the marketplace.


The consumer insights analyst's job often involves working with the consumer insights manager in the initiation of various marketing research studies. The consumer insights analyst acts as a consumer expert in a company from which other functional areas request consumer feedback. Consumer insights analysts often meet with the branding, advertising and business development departments to discuss crucial consumer data for making business decisions.


A consumer insights analyst is often responsible for contacting the marketing research agency or moderator for conducting quantitative research such as phone surveys, or qualitative research such as focus groups. The consumer insights analyst must ultimately hire the agency, manage the flow of information between the various departments and the agency, and create the first draft of the questionnaire with the agency's input.


A consumer insights analyst's job description will usually include managing multiple marketing research studies and ensuring that each one is fielded and completed on time. After each marketing research project, the consumer insights analyst will need to study the survey results or data tables, analyse the information and summarise the key consumer findings from the research. Often, the consumer research analyst will write a detailed report that includes the summary, analysis and recommendations.

Other Types of Duties

Consumer insights analysts may also purchase and study secondary research information on their particular industry. This information will often help them understand the strength of the company's competitors, analyse factors influencing sales in the industry and determine which products will likely experience growth in the coming year. Consumer insights analyst swill, at times, be required to handle ad hoc research requests from other departments so they can gather more information on consumers. Examples of ad hoc research can include target market analysis, market segmentation research and even market data for sales visual aids.

Salary and Job Outlook

Most consumer insights analysts and most comparable positions in marketing research pay an average of £39,650 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' (BLS) "Occupational Outlook Handbook: 2010 To 2011 Edition." The BLS considers the growth outlook for this field "much faster than other" careers.

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