What Is a Gel Wrap Nail?

Updated April 17, 2017

Artificial nails are popular among women of all ages and the gel wrap nail is one of the most popular. Although they can be more expensive, they are the most natural looking artificial nails on the market, according to Beautiful Healthy Fingernails.

Gel Wrap Nails

The simple gel nail is created when the nail technician processes the current fingernails with a gel overlay, according to Beautiful Healthy Fingernails. In addition to the gel, wraps are increasingly becoming popular, according to Beautiful Healthy Fingernails, and are made of silk, linen, or fibreglass. The gel, a blend of polymers and monomers, is used with the wrap to make the nail stronger.

Applying the Gel Wraps

Before applying the silk, linen, or fibreglass wrap, the nail is prepared with an antiseptic. Also, before applying the gel wrap on the nail the material used needs to be cut into the shape of the nail. It is then glued onto the natural nail, or tip, as stated in Soft Touch Professional Beauty Products. Next, gel is applied and nails are held under a UV lamp until the nail and glue are completely dry, according to Beautiful Healthy Fingernails.

Finishing Touches

Once several layers of gel are brushed on the nail over the wrap, it is again held under the UV lamp, as stated in Soft Touch Professional Beauty Products. The nail then needs filing, shaping, buffing and to finish, it needs painting in a chosen colour.

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