Cedar Oil Uses for Flea Remedies

Updated February 21, 2017

Cedar oil has long been a remedy for getting rid of problems with flea infestations. While there are a number of medicated flea treatments that will effectively eliminate fleas, these can be expensive items that can sometimes contain harsh chemical ingredients that we do not want to subject our homes or pets to. Instead, use cedar oil in a variety of ways to handle your flea problem. Cedar oil can be purchased from most supplement stores that carry a line of essential oils, and it is commonly available at pet stores.

Fleas in the Home

Fleas are naturally deterred by the scent of cedar oil. For flea infestations within the home, it is easiest to soak a few pieces of paper in cedar oil and place them around the home. Use a thick paper or cardboard, such as a brown paper bag, or cut a cardboard box into small pieces. Place them in corners of rooms, and the cedar scent will repel fleas for weeks. Alternately, make your own spray-on solution by mixing 2 cups of water and 3 spoonfuls of cedar oil in a spray bottle. Then, spray onto carpets, around walls and in other areas where fleas seem to be migrating.

Fleas on the Pet

To get rid of fleas on your pet, simply add a spoonful of cedar oil to the pet shampoo. Rub into the pet's coat, making sure to stay away from sensitive areas such as the eyes, nose, mouth and genitals. Repeat this shampoo cycle as needed to keep fleas at bay. This shampoo application will typically repel fleas for one to two weeks, if not longer.

Fleas Outdoors

Fleas located outdoors are usually the beginning of the flea infestation. Fleas will cling to the pet's coat while outside or can attach to your clothing, hair and body while you are outside. Cedar oil can be used outdoors to keep fleas away from the home, garden and lawn. In a spray bottle, mix 3 cups of water with 3 spoonfuls of cedar oil. Also add 1 spoonful of liquid dish detergent, which will create a sticky texture, allowing the spray to stick to vegetation for extended periods of time. Spray this solution onto plants, shrubs, soil, lawn and in areas where your pet or family spends time, such as porches and patios. Also spray around entryways to the home, which will act as an added deterrent.

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