The plant life cycle for kids

Updated April 17, 2017

Understanding the life cycle of a plant is one of the basic foundations of biology and the life sciences. For young children, learning how a simple seed grows into a great tree is amazing and somewhat mysterious. Explaining to kids how a plant grows can be very simple when you break the subject down into its parts.

The Seed

A plant begins as a simple seed. Inside the seed are all of the parts of the future plant, dormant in their immature form. There is an immature root, stem and small leaves. When planted in the ground, the seed will germinate and begin to grow. The tiny root will work its way down as the tiny stem works its way up.

The Seeding

The small plant that first makes its appearance is the seeding. It has a small, vulnerable stem with a few small leaves. With sunlight and water, this seeding will grow larger and more mature. The stem and root will grow longer, and new leaves will appear on the plant.

Flowering Plant

When the plant reaches maturity, flowers will form. The flower is different for each plant, yet all contain the same basic parts. Most flowers use colour and scent to attract insects to help them pollinate. Once pollinated, the flowers will begin developing seeds. Some plants protect the seeds inside a fruit that houses the seeds until they are ready.

Releasing New Seeds

When the new seeds are ready, they will be released back out into nature. For some plants, this means dropping fruit onto the ground to rot or be eaten by animals. Other plants release their seeds in unique ways, such as being blown by wind or by sticking to animal fur.

Seed Again

At this point the cycle begins again, with a small seed finding its way into the ground. This seed will sprout and grow into a new plant that looks exactly like its parent plant. When this seed begins to grow, the cycle will start over again.

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