Should I wear a cotton panty under a girdle?

Updated February 21, 2017

Wearing cotton panties under a girdle will feel more comfortable and prevent the girdle from slipping around as it might with other panties that are silky or smooth. Cotton panties are also easier to clean after use as they can be tossed in with regular laundry and do not have special washing instructions.

Silk is sexy

Even though cotton panties can be more convenient and comfortable, if you are wearing a girdle it might because you need to look and feel sexy. There is no better way to feel sexy than that special pair of silk panties. Put them on under a girdle, and your confidence will soar.

Bottom line

"There is no correct way [to wear a girdle]," according to the Girdle Zone. It is subjective depending on how it feels and what you are using the girdle for.


If you decide to wear panties under your girdle, wear cotton panties for the most comfortable fit, or try smooth or silky underwear to avoid panty lines in your figure and give you a feeling of security and sexuality.

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