Careers for teachers outside the classroom

Updated February 21, 2017

Careers in teaching can be rewarding, but they can also drain much of your vital energy and the will to go on. When you've reached that point in your teaching career, it may be time to consider what career options are available for you outside the classroom. Teachers have a number of desirable traits and skills that many employers look for. Finding a career outside the classroom only takes a little initiative and know-how.

Online education

Online education is the wave of the future. Many colleges and universities now offer distance education coursework through online classroom platforms. Many private and regional schools at the secondary and even the elementary school level are now moving in that direction also. This is a job market that is still in its nascent stage, so getting in and solidifying a position while opportunity still exists is an effective way to ensure a long-term career in this field. Online teaching allows teachers to use their education background and training without having to deal with the behavioural issues associated with the classroom.


Tutoring is another job that allows teachers to use their teaching abilities and education without having to necessarily set foot in the classroom. Tutors can typically set their own schedules, or at the very least, only take on the assignments they want. Education programs like Sylvan Learning Centers allow those in the field of education the opportunity to teach part-time in both an online and face-to-face format at their learning centres.

Insurance sales

The insurance industry is another industry that is a good fit for former teachers. A career in insurance sales is attractive to some former educators because it offers the potential for nearly unlimited income. Some teachers who have been held back by low pay seek positions in this field because of this earning potential. Teachers have the necessary communication skills to educate clients about various types of policies. Their desire to make more money can be attractive to insurance companies, who look for hard-working and dedicated employees.

Human resources

Another logical fit for someone coming out of the education field is a career in human resources. Educators can make excellent human resources professionals because of their communication abilities. Training managers, for example, are responsible for training new workers and the continuing education of existing employees. With proper training in company policies and the legal issues surrounding the human resources field, teachers can make the transition to this sector of the business field fairly easily.

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