Crystal Healing for Cancer

According to an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, crystal healing is an alternative/complementary medicine practice most popularly practised among upper income college- educated individuals. Crystal healing can be effective in treating minor illnesses; however, in scientific literature this has been attributed to the placebo effect. Crystal healing advocates claim that crystals not only have the power to heal minor illnesses, but also major illnesses like cancer.


The history of crystal healing is shrouded in controversy. Advocates claim the practice is thousands of years old and has been proven to work throughout history. The medical community agrees that crystal healing has existed in some form for a long time; however, it asserts that crystal healing beliefs are based on superstition rather than evidence.


The crystals most often associated with curing or limiting the spread of cancer are red jasper, rock crystal and carnelian. These crystals are alleged to emit certain energies that fight cancer-causing agents, though there is no scientific evidence to back up this assertion.


Crystals and gemstones do not contain any special energies that help cure or combat cancer. Any healing associated with crystals can be explained through the placebo effect. Crystal healing can be used in conjunction with mainstream medical science without detrimental effect, though crystal therapy sessions can drain financial resources of people suffering from cancer.


Lisa Bellini, founder of the Crystal Healing Foundation, claims that crystal healing has not been proven scientifically--not because of lack of evidence, but because the medical community does not properly study the efficacy of crystals.

The medical community is not entirely hostile to the use of healing crystals as a complement to mainstream treatment. Crystal healing can be used to support overall health in patients who believe in the power of crystal therapy.


If you are diagnosed with cancer, first seek medical attention from a licensed physician. Afterward, feel free to speak to your physician about incorporating alternative medicine such as crystal healing into your cancer treatment. You should not incorporate any alternative or complementary medical treatment without prior approval from your physician.

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