Zumba Instructor Certification

Updated July 19, 2017

The Latin-rhythm exercise program, Zumba, provides an exhilarating alternative to other workout routines. Zumba's founder, fitness trainer "Beto" Perez, created Zumba Fitness to make exercise fun and memorable for all. Becoming a Zumba instructor will show others how entertaining exercising can be, while keeping yourself fit and fulfilled.


To join the Zumba Fitness team you must attend one of the Zumba certification seminars and be 18 years of age. Seminars include instruction on fitness dance steps, guidance on proper fitness materials and how-to information on starting and running classes. The Zumba Fitness website provides a list of instructor training courses at varying prices, based on when you sign up: £146 for those who sign up more than two weeks in advance; £175 if you sign up days prior; and £185 for day of registration, as of 2010, according to the Zumba Fitness website.


Zumba Fitness offers training for six courses to satisfy the needs of all potential Zumba students. An instructor must attend the Zumba Basic 1 or the Zumba Gold seminar before being able to teach. Zumba Basic 1 is geared towards the general public, while Zumba Gold provides safe and effective routines for older adults. From there, an instructor can take another seminar to teach target-specific Zumba programs--like Zumba Aqua for water exercises, Zumbatomic for children 4 to 12 or Zumba Toning for body sculpting rather than general fitness.


Zumba Basic 1 and Zumba Gold require only that you're over 18 and able to attend the seminar. Some of the advanced courses require additional certification on top of attending another seminar. Zumba Aqua, Zumbatomic and Zumba Toning require an instructor to join the Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN.) You can join ZIN through the Zumba website or at any Zumba seminar, for £19 a month. Additional Aquatic Exercise Association training is recommended for Zumba Aqua, but not required.


In the Zumba Fitness business model, entertainment and fitness go hand in hand to draw all manner of clients to your classes. Perez' initial Zumba classes started as an offshoot course at his fitness centre, then bloomed into a successful fitness style through word of mouth. Start a few weekly Zumba classes in your area, at £6 to £19 per student (based on demand) and, by Zumba's model, more students will come to join in on the Latin-rhythm fun. Purchasing a ZIN membership provides access to the three advanced courses, Zumba Basic 2 (which teaches more rhythm-exercise routines) and grants a 30 per cent discount for Zumba training materials.

Time Frame

The time it takes to become an instructor depends on your location and the training seminar's location. Seminars are held one to three times a week, but in different areas around the world. The Zumba Fitness website's workshop search can help you narrow down your search for the appropriate, and most convenient, seminar by country, state and course type. Once you attend either a Zumba Basic 1 or Zumba Gold seminar, get the proper facility and instructional materials, then you are ready to begin teaching.

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