Problems With Vertical Lines on a Sony LCD TV

Updated March 23, 2017

LCD televisions offer many improvements over standard televisions. They are lighter and easier to place in unusual locations, such as mounted over a fireplace. Unfortunately, they also have their quirks and sometimes require some troubleshooting to correct issues with the display. If you are experiencing vertical lines on your Sony LCD television screen, there are some common errors to check first.

Screen Resolution Errors

Vertical lines when the television is on may be related to issues with the television's screen resolution. Resolutions set higher than 1280 by 720 can create visual disturbances on the screen. You can reset the resolution through the control panel's display settings menu. This should correct the issue immediately, although you may need to power the television off and then on again in some cases.

Vertical Lines When Powered Off

This situation is a known issue by Sony's support team. This is one that requires internal troubleshooting and the Sony knowledge base recommends that you contact the Support Center directly so they can help you locate a service centre or an authorised serviceman near you who can correct the problem.

Vertical Lines When Viewing Analog Channels

Visual "noise" can be a side effect of viewing analogue channels. In some situations you may need to contact your satellite or cable provider. External service boxes are the most common situation in which your cable or satellite provider is most qualified to correct the problem. If you are using an antenna or if your cable connects directly to your television from the wall, you can correct the issue by accessing the "Analog Fine Tune" option from the television's settings menu.

2007 52" Bravia Issues

The 52" Sony Bravia has a known issue with vertical lines on the screen while the television is in standby mode. Sony will repair the television within 18 months of the original purchase date after you notify them that you are experiencing problems. You can contact Sony directly about this issue at (888) 649-7669.

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