Electric Garage Door Problems

Updated April 17, 2017

Electric garage doors have been of great use among homeowners when it comes to efficient opening and closing of their garage areas. Rather than running into the back of the house just to open the garage manually, pressing just one button can do the job. Electric garage doors can also have specific problems, but these can be easily resolved.


Among the issues involving electric garage doors include the jamming of the door during operation, intermittent, shaky noises while the door is being lifted, and uneven lifting of the panel door (one end is lifted faster than the other). Other serious issues include the rusting and entanglement of the screws and chains into the motor system.


Aside from the usual wear and tear, electric garage door problems are caused by improper installation of the motor and panel door package on the garage. Electric garage doors should be mounted on the centre line of the garage ceiling to ensure balance once the door is used. Stiffeners must also be placed together with the garage door system, as they provide a more effective lifting of the panel doors.


When fixing issues such as uneven lifting of the panel doors, the motor should be remounted on the centre line of the ceiling because placing it off to one side only leads to one side of the door being lifted, causing the panels to bend. The right kind of stiffener should also be used on the garage door because using the wrong kind may lead to jamming issues. Shaky noises can be resolved by checking if the chain or screw drivers are effectively placed on the motor. Loose accessories may lead to entanglement and cause the doors to jam.


When mounting the electric garage door motor, do not place it near other electrical systems, if possible. The motor may interfere with other electrical operations such as lighting and heating, and may cause a short circuit. Stiffeners should match the garage door's size. While some packages include stiffeners, most of them are sold separately. Prior to installation, check first to see if a stiffener is included in the package.


To ensure longer life for electrical garage doors, it is recommended to use insulated panel doors. Insulated panel doors retain the temperature inside the garage better than uninsulated doors, thus preserving the motor from threat of mould, mildew and moisture issues. Insulated panels also last longer and allow smoother lifting functions each time the motor is operated.

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