Types of Paint for PVC Vinyl

Updated February 21, 2017

Poly vinyl chloride (PVC) is a type of plastic often used for house siding, materials in older cars, shower curtains, flooring, plastic piping and more. It is popularly used because it is flame and water resistant. However, painting PVC can be difficult and usually requires a special type of paint or additional preparation if using a common paint.

Acrylic Latex House Paint

If you do plan to paint vinyl siding, stick with acrylic latex house paint and add additional surface preparation to help the paint stick. According to the Paint Quality Institute, you should start by eliminating any mildew by applying three parts water with one part bleach to the PVC for approximately 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, scrub any excess mildew or dirt off with a detergent. Finally, after rinsing the detergent off, you can apply an exterior acrylic latex house paint. However, ensure the paint is 100 per cent acrylic. Acrylic Latex House Paint is best applied in a spray format.

Varibond Paint

Varibond is a type of paint made especially for painting PVC. The paint is a solvent that forms a chemical bond with the PVC and therefore cannot be removed. The company claims the paint will not crack, peel or flake. Because the product is ultraviolet resistant, Varibond also claims the paint will not fade or lose colour for 10 years. Varibond is available in a variety of colours, as well as metallic, wood grain, pearl and marble finishes. It can be used on any PVC, including vinyl siding and PVC materials found on cars and boats.

Krylon Fushion

Krylon Fushion is another type of paint on the market made specifically for painting PVC. The product requires no preparation and forms a chemical bond with PVC and other plastics including resin. The company claims the paint is dry to touch after 15 minutes and chip free after seven days. In addition the spray paint has a 360-degree dial spray tip. Krylon Fushion also comes in a variety of colours as well as metallic finishes and can be used on any type of PVC from the house to the car.

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