How long do kitchen appliances last?

The average life expectancy of any kitchen appliance depends on the amount of use it receives. Traditional kitchen appliances include dishwashers, ranges, refrigerators, trash compactors and microwaves. When appliances are used properly, they can last longer than expected.


Most major kitchen appliances are not cheap and they are considered investments. Like with any investment, the consumer wants a good rate of return. In spending potentially thousands of dollars on a new kitchen, a consumer should be entitled to some level of quality assurance. For the most part, quality appliances cost more than average but they tend to be worth the money. A lot of kitchen appliances, especially quality appliances, come with warranties giving the consumer some level of quality assurance.


The two most popular types of ranges are gas and electric. Gas ranges can last up to 15 years if taken care of properly, electric ranges can last up to 13 years. Oven hoods will last around 14 years; they usually get replaced when the oven is replaced. Both gas and electric ranges can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars.


Refrigerators are a common item in American kitchens. A typical refrigerator can last for up to 13 years if maintained properly. Compact refrigerators, like the ones popularly used in college dorm rooms, can last up to nine years. Freezer chests are expected to last for around 11 years. Refrigerators are one of the biggest appliances in a home or business, and they can cost upwards of several thousand dollars.


There are several other appliances commonly found in American kitchens. Trash compactors have the highest turnover rate of most major kitchen appliances, they need replacement every six years or so. A dishwasher needs replacing every eight to nine years. Microwaves can last up to nine years if maintained properly.


Kitchen appliances are an investment, and replacing things like ranges and refrigerators are not cheap. Ranges and refrigerators can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on size, performance and brand. Other appliances, like dishwashers, garbage disposals and trash compactors, can cost anywhere from under 65 dollars to several hundred dollars.

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