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Updated November 21, 2016

The Neera Super Cleanse is a detox and weight-loss plan designed to help participants rid their bodies of harmful toxins and lose excess pounds. During the Neera Super Cleanse, participants forgo all solid food for approximately five to 10 days, replacing meals with a liquid mixture.

If you are considering going on the Neera Super Cleanse, keep in mind that the U.S. Food and Drug administration has not approved this diet plan, and most doctors and researchers strongly discourage cleanse and detox diets that severely limit calorie intake. Speak to your doctor before beginning a cleanse diet; she may be able to help you construct a diet plan that can help you lose weight and cleanse your body.


According to the official website, the Neera Super Cleanse is designed to "eliminate excess toxins and lose excess weight." This is achieved by eliminating solid food from your diet for up to two weeks, replacing regular foods with a "delicious" blend of water, lemon juice, Madal Bal syrup and cayenne pepper. This mix is purported to keep you satiated so that solid food isn't necessary. Participants also sometimes drink a mild herbal tea that acts as a laxative in the mornings.

The cleanse is very similar to the "Master Cleanse" diet, which promotes drinking a similar mixture--with maple syrup, instead of Madal Bal syrup--in place of eating solid food. While proponents of the Neera Super Cleanse claim that Madal Bal syrup is more effective than maple syrup, no substantial scientific studies have proven this claim.


Because solid food is eliminated from the diet on the Neera Super Cleanse and is replaced by liquids, dieters can expect increased urination while on the diet, as well as fewer bowel movements.

As calorie intake is limited drastically while on this diet, participants may also experience fatigue, irritability, and lacklustre hair, skin and nails.

If Neera Super Cleanse instructions are followed, it's almost certain that participants will lose weight. However, most of the weight lost is likely water weight, and the cleanse can slow metabolism, according to Nicole Britvan, a registered dietitian with Kaiser Permanente. A slowed metabolism can mean that after the initial few days, it will become increasingly difficult to lose weight. Once you're off the cleanse, pounds may reappear more quickly than they had in the past.

No substantial scientific studies have proven that the Neera Super Cleanse cleanses or detoxifies the body.

Expert Insight

Many experts agree that such drastic detox diets tend to be unhealthy, since you're depriving your body of necessary vitamins and nutrients. While it's OK to "detox" by eating a healthy, balanced diet free of processed foods, following a drastic cleansing plan, like Neera, can cause more harm than good.

Says Britvan, "[Detox diets are] very concerning because they're lacking a lot of nutrition.... We don't need to do this. Ultimately, our body detoxifies what it needs to. Our lungs, our livers, our kidneys--they're doing the job."

Andrew Wadge, a chief scientist at the Food Standards Agency in the U.K., agrees with this claim. He recommends that drinking water, getting plenty of exercise and eating balanced, home-cooked meals is the best way to keep your body healthy and your weight down. Detoxing via a diet, he stresses, is unnecessary, as our livers already do this for us.


The Neera Super Cleanse cuts out key nutrients that are necessary for the body to stay healthy, like calcium, iron and protein. As previously mentioned, it can lead to unpleasant and unhealthy side effects, and it's not generally recommended as a healthy way to lose weight or rid your body of "toxins."

Speak to your doctor before attempting any detox diet, particularly one that is as drastic as Neera or the Master Cleanse. This is particularly important if you're underweight, have a history of eating problems, you're taking medication or you're pregnant.


Chances are, if you're thinking about doing the Neera Super Cleanse, you want to lose weight or rid your body of unhealthy toxins. Before going on the Neera Cleanse, consider simply changing your diet and exercise plan.

The Neera Cleanse is a crash diet, so although you may lose weight temporarily, it can create a yo-yo effect, and after you end the cleanse plan you could gain back even more weight than you lost. It's not a permanent solution to better your health or keep your weight down.

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