Food for Epilepsy

Written by chad buleen
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A person who has epilepsy is prone to seizures that occur from an electric discharge in the brain, which in turn causes a loss of control of the central nervous system. Although having epilepsy can be a challenge, it can be managed. Accomplished people such as Theodore Roosevelt, Leonardo Da Vinci and Charles Dickens all had epilepsy. Foods that are high in glutamine can cause epileptic seizures. Vegetables are good for epileptics because of a low content of the amino acids that cause seizures.


Corn and rice have lower levels of glutamine, an amino acid that can cause epileptic seizures. However, grains such as wheat, oats or barley have higher glutamine levels and are more dangerous for a person who is prone to have epileptic seizures. A person who has epileptic tendencies is better off eating corn or rice because these foods have less glutamine in them.


It is best to avoid dairy products made from cow's milk, since they are high in glutamine. It is better to consume dairy products such as cheese that are made from goat's milk. The worst cow milk-based cheese is Parmesan because of its high glutamine levels, but cheddar, Mozzarella, Monterey Jack and Swiss are also dangerous. Cheeses are composed of 20 per cent glutamic acid.

Seeds and Beans

Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds are high in glutamine, although they do have lower levels than dairy or wheat. If you eat small quantities of seeds with a meal, they are typically safe unless you are very sensitive to them. Beans should typically be avoided. Soy, Pinto, black, navy and lima beans all are high in glutamine.


In addition to generally being healthy for you to consume, vegetables are also safe foods to eat if you suffer from epileptic seizures. Vegetables have very low amounts of aspartate and glutamine, which are the two amino acids that trigger seizures in epileptics. Vegetables are particularly low in the offending amino acids when they are steamed or cooked, rather than when they are eaten raw.


Some meats are better for epileptics than others. The best meats to consume include chicken and lamb. Rabbit has the highest glutamine level, although all kinds of meats are naturally rich in glutamine.

Also, eggs are typically safe because they have low glutamine levels.


Water is the best drink to consume to avoid seizures. Drinking distilled water is an effective way to remove toxins from the body. After drinking this water for a few months, you should be able to remove harmful toxins that are inside of you. You then may want to switch to spring water, which may simply be a more drinkable water for the long term.

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