The pains of new dentures

Written by roz zurko
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The pains of new dentures start the very moment they are put in your mouth. You have just had all your teeth extracted, a foreign object is now in your mouth, and it hurts. You need to learn to talk and eat with the new dentures, which can take a while. The adhesive you need to keep the plate in place can aggravate the open wounds from your extractions. The dentures might even test your gag reflex for the first week or two.

The First Hours

Swollen and bleeding gums can be particularly painful the first day after you've had all your teeth extracted to make way for this new dental plate. The dentures, or at least a temporary set, are worn home. They are snug and pinch, making an uncomfortable situation even more so. The gums throb as the novocaine wears off, adding to this pain.

Gag Reflex

The gag reflex is probably not something you took into consideration before getting this dental procedure done. A constant feeling that you may gag is one of the pains of new dentures. You may even dry-heave frequently until getting used to having this foreign object in your mouth. If the denture plate goes back too far on the roof of your mouth, the gag reflex may stay with you for a very long time.


New dentures can be very uncomfortable to talk with in the first week or so. Thus you may be very worried about going out in public. Dentures may slip often, causing a stabbing pain made apparent by your reaction. You may lisp and even accidentally spit while you are talking, as you try to keep this new dental equipment from slipping.

Pain of Adhesive

Another pain of new dentures comes from the adhesive, which hits the open and sore area of extracted teeth. It is a very delicate area where it is hard to clean off the adhesive, which acts like putty on contact. The added pressure can hurt.

Painful to Eat

When eating, you need to take the pain involved with your new dentures into consideration. With the dentures in, biting down on something hard puts pressure on the wounds and swollen gums, and the pain can be excruciating. If you eat without the dentures in, you are in pain as soon as the food hits the open and sore area where your teeth once were. You need to stick with liquids for at least a few days or longer.

Biting Your Tongue

The pains of new dentures will be very apparent when you bite your tongue for the first time. You are not used to the chunkiness of the denture plate, so it is inevitable that this will happen at least once. You tend to become very aware of this possibility after the first few times doing this.


Other Areas Involved

You'll feel the pain of your new dentures on your jaw, as it aches from the pressure your dentist needed to apply to extract your teeth. This jaw pain may even go into your ear, but it will subside within a day or two.

From having all these extractions, you can develop pressure headaches. The headaches are much like sinus headaches and usually subside after the first day. Taking a pain-relief product can eliminate this much more quickly.

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