Types of driveway gate hinges

Written by marjorie gilbert
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Before door hings, people entered their houses through a hole in the roof via a ladder, such as in 6500 B.C. Turkey. It was not until much later that hinges were ubiquitous. In modern times, various types driveway gate hinges are available that can resemble the hinges of our forebears or modern ones that go with any modern house.

Pintle Gate Hinges

Pintle hinges or pintle strap hinges were common in colonial America. They feature long, iron "straps" or door wings, that attach to pintles, or the pin on which the straps rotate. They are perhaps one of the simplest hinges and some of the easiest to install. These hinges can give a classic look to your driveway gate. They can be made of iron and other materials.

Types of driveway gate hinges
Pintle hinge


A T-hinge is also an old design. It features a shorter door wing as well as a slightly wider frame wing (the part that connects to the frame of the gate), as well as a more sophisticated pin. You can find T-hinges that are decorative and have a more "Old World" appearance and others with plainer, more straightforward designs, which means that you can match it with the design of your driveway gate.

Types of driveway gate hinges

Pivot Hinge

A pivot hinge is another old design for hinges, with examples dating back to 1600 B.C. Hattusa, Turkey. Another name for these hinges is double-acting. The gate rests on a pivot on the floor while the top of the gate is secured by another pivot, allowing the gate to swing open and closed. This hinge works well for heavier driveway gates and can be made of steel.

Types of driveway gate hinges
Pivot gate hinge

Spring Gate Hinges

Spring hinges come in many varieties--at least 70. They come in more traditional style with long door wings, or more plain door and frame wings that are the same size. They can be single or double-acting, allowing the door to open 90 degrees and up to 180 degrees. Some of these hinges can be deigned to carry heavy gates, while others are designed to hold hinges made from lighter materials. They can be made of brass, aluminium, steel and other materials.

Types of driveway gate hinges
Spring gate hinge

Mortise Butt Gate Hinges

Mortise butt hinges have equally sized door and frame wings and a non-removable pin. These can also look utilitarian or fancy. These gates hinges can be made of polymer and steel. If polymer, they aren't meant to hold more than a lightweight driveway gate made of vinyl.

Types of driveway gate hinges
Mortise butt gate hinge

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